Do you have trouble with your balance?

Do you dread going up and down the stairs?

Is getting up from a chair becoming difficult?

Do you stay home because you are afraid of falling?

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Do you find yourself stumbling?

Are you scared you might fall and hurt yourself?

Did you know that you can improve your balance?

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Are you still struggling with symptoms, months after your concussion?

Are you tired all day no matter how much sleep you had?

Are you tired of people telling you look fine?

Do you still feel like the world is in a fog?

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Are you looking for that edge?

Do you want to improve your reaction time?

Is strength training no longer enough?

Do you know how to train your balance system?

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Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center, LLC moved to Wichita, KS in January, 2015. Sean Hubbard, DC, DACNB, is Kansas' only board certified chiropractic neurologist. He operates and owns Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center, LLC which helps bring relief to patients with balance disorders and post-concussion syndrome.
Dr. Hubbard's family has had close personal connections with balance orders and concussions. Such experiences motivated him to spend the last two years focusing on concussion, traumatic brain injury, and other problems associated with the vestibular system. The result is a non-pharmaceutical approach to helping people that are suffering with such conditions. He is very excited to bring this new and exciting approach to Wichita, KS and the surrounding area.

Concussion Symptoms

Concussion SymptomsIn Kansas, each athlete and their parent must sign a concussion information page prior to participating in sports. This information page often goes unnoticed in the mound of paperwork that needs to be completed during enrollment. However, this information is important to remember as the athlete is the one who experiences these symptoms and has to report them to their coach or trainer. If an athlete is suspected of having a concussion, he or she must be removed from that activity immediately. Continuing to participate in that activity while experiencing concussion symptoms increases the risk for further injury and can even lead to death. Therefore, the laws in Kansas are setup in such a way that the decision making process is taken away from the coaching staff. Instead, the individual must be removed from the activity until he or she receives medical clearance from a trained medical professional. Remember, “When in doubt, sit it out” and for more information please click here...

Balance Problems

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Have you turned down a chance to go out with family or friends because you were concerned about falling? Have you cut down on a favorite activity because you might fall? People who experience a fear of falling often limit their activities, which can result in loss of strength, reduced muscle tone and balance problems, making the risk of falling greater. This is one of the unfortunate results of having problems with your balance. If you do not do something to improve it, most of the time it just continues to get worse. Your body and brain will adapt to your lifestyle. If you are not using your balance system, your brain has less of a reason to "keep it in good shape." The good news side of this is, it is a two way street. If you do things to increase your balance, co-ordination and strength, your brain has a big reason to keep your balance system in good shape. When there is a something wrong with the balance system, many of the things we challenge people to do, just are not safe. When your balance system is compromised, due to disease, trauma or an imbalance you need to seek attention for this problem. That is where Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center comes in. We may be able to determine exactly what is causing your balance problems and then prescribe appropriate rehabilitation to improve these problems. Look at the list on the left, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms please give our office a call to see if we may help.