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Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center Post Concussion Syndrome

Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center

We Treat People with Balance Disorders and
Post Concussion Syndrome

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Sean Hubbard, DC, DACNB a board certified chiropractic neurologist, serving Newton and the surrounding area, owns and operates Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center.  Over the last two years Dr. Hubbard has focused his studies on concussions, traumatic brain injury and problems with the vestibular system.  He is very humbled and excited to bring these services to Newton, KS and the surrounding area.  His family has been personally affected with balance disorders and concussion, this has lead him to learn a non pharmaceutical approach to helping people that are suffering with these conditions.

Concussion Symptoms

As we enter into the fall sports season, we find it a great time to review the signs and symptoms of a concussion. If an athlete is suspected of having a concussion, he or she must be immediately removed from that activity. Continuing to play or work out when experiencing concussion symptoms can lead to worsening of symptoms, increased risk for further injury and possibly death. Parents and coaches are not expected to be able to make the diagnosis of a concussion. A medical professional trained in the diagnosis and management of concussions will determine the diagnosis. In Kansas each athlete and parent must sign a concussion information page before participating in sports. I feel often this is lost in the sea of paperwork that has to be done during enrollment. Please take the time to review these with your athlete, as often times they are the only ones that can feel or experience these symptoms and should report them to their coach or athletic trainer. Our laws in Kansas are set up to take the decision making process about concussion out of the hands of our coaches. The law states that if an athlete is suspected of having a concussion they are to be removed from practice or the game and not return to play until getting medical clearance.  To read more click here...

Post Concussion

Post Concussion Syndrome

Post concussion syndrome is not only a sports related problem.  Most of these injuries do not happen on the field of play but from falls and playground accidents. Read more...

Balance Problems

Balance Problems

Do you feel like you are tripping over your own feet sometimes? Balance problems can affect people in many different ways, many quit doing the things they love to do because of the fear of falling.  Read more...

Sean Hubbard, DC, DACNB

Sean Hubbard, D.C.

Dr. Hubbard is a board certified chiropractic neurologist, that has spent the last 3 years studying about mild traumatic brain injury and balance disorders.  Read more...


News Coverage

Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center has been in the news recently.  KAKE news and 99.7 FM have featured our office to see more click here.

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Why We Treat Balance Disorders and Post Concussion Syndrome

In September of 2011 our journey to become Hubbard Chiropractic and Balance Center began. Dr. Hubbard's wife Stacey sat up in bed and told him that something is not right. The room was tilted 45 degrees and spinning around her head. When Dr. Hubbard checked on her at lunch things were not any better. After many doctor's appointments and tests, Dr. Hubbard called Prof. Carrick, D.C., PhD, at Life Functional Neurology Clinic. Dr. Carrick has been a pioneer in the study of the brain and neurodegenerative conditions, many of which affect the balance system. By the time we were able to get to Atlanta to see him she had been in bed for ten weeks unable to stand up or walk on her own. As Stacey went through the constant treatment getting better day by day, Dr. Hubbard asked his mentor how to bring this to Kansas. Since then there has been over 350 classroom hours of study, countless time spent studying on his own and a one week trip to observe and assist at Carrick Brain Centers. Through this training we have been able to bring many of these treatment options to Kansas. If you would like to watch the Nightline piece that shows a glimpse into our journey, to watch the video..